How Anthony Barr’s versatility will help the Cowboys’ defense be more effective

It’s likely that you’re wondering where Cowboys linebacker Anthony Barr fits in to the defensive plan. His experience, versatility, and ability to move around the field are all great things But how exactly does he fit into the defensive plan of the team? Continue reading to learn more. Also, read on to know more the details about Micah Parsons, who has been named defensive rookie of the year.

George Edwards

One of the biggest questions for the Cowboys is the way linebacker Anthony Barr fits into their defense. Barr isn’t the player from the decade of 2010, and the fact that he has an injury history suggests the expectations of his players must be kept within a certain range. Barr provides experience and depth to linebacker rooms. The Cowboys do not have the time to announce the specific time frame of Barr’s contract but the deal could reach three million dollars, if Barr meets certain goals.

Following the loss of Micah Parsons due to injury The Cowboys required more linebacker depth. Jabril Cock is on the “physically incapable to play” waiting list, needed to be replaced. The two players could perform at the same level but they both have distinct strengths and defensive strategies. Both players are going to be able to work very hard to achieve their goals.


Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Barr can bring experience to the exhausted linebacker squad. Barr’s abilities to protect against run are well-respected although he hasn’t participated in any conference championships since 1995. A few injuries have limited his participation in the past few years. Barr had 72 tackles and 10 quarterback pressures, as well as three interceptions across eleven games during the season.

While Barr is a massive linebacker, he has potential for pass-rushing, but he’s not the same player the year before. He’s a massive linebacker of 255 pounds with an impressive amount of speed and strength. Barr’s physical strength and strength can be a huge asset to any defense. Barr has been signed by the Cowboys to fill the pass-rusher function in Quinn’s system. He has not yet decided on his role.

Ability to move around the field

Barr’s agility is one of his most attractive traits. Barr has the ability to maneuver across the field using different methods depending on whether he’s playing in man or zone coverage. Barr is fast enough to play tight coverage. Barr excels at covering the running back, however, she will eventually be able to handle tight ends. He’s quick and agile, which lets him get into fast, along with processes plays.

Barr was a great pro for Dallas, but injury has limited his ability to participate. Even though he’s had an impressive career playing in Dallas for eight seasons, his recent injuries have had an impact on his work. This season, he suffered an injured and could miss all of the season. The Cowboys were able to draft him in the fifth round, but his pending surgery could keep him sidelined through the entire season.

Impact on Micah Parsons

While it’s difficult to assess the effect of Anthony Barr’s presence on Micah Parsons’ game, it is evident that his former Viking player is doing far superior to his 2014 counterpart. Parsons received an NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Of The Year title last year. Parsons was also tied for the third most sacks any rookie player from 1982. Barr is not the only Cowboys first-round pick at linebacker. Micah Parsons, Leighton VanderEsch, and Leighton VanderEsch also have options.

Anthony Barr has been a Pro Bowl selection every year between 2015 and 2018. He has Three Pro Bowl appearances and his remarkable stats are continuing through 2021/2025. Barr is a fantastic candidate for his position at Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker position. Parsons also finished second as Defensive Player Of The Award in rookie balloting. Micah Parsons, who is along with Anthony Barr, will have the opportunity to take some more crucial games.

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This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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