How The Steelers Have Managed To Stay Competitive Year In And Year Out

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin spoke Monday at the press conference about acquiring new players to fit into the Steelers team’s style of play. Antonio Brown was not mentioned by Tomlin, as it was forbidden to talk about his departure from the Steelers at the end of March. While the Steelers weren’t willing to trade their best wide receiver to another team, he chose to not dwell on the matter. Tomlin expressed his opinion on how he approached bringing in new players into the Steelers.

Dino Steelers

Trainer Mike Tomlin recently discussed how it is possible to help newcomers adjust to team culture. According to him, this is one of the most challenging aspects of coaching because players often struggle to fit in. This can be especially problematic when players are not used to the routines and culture of their team. This is a process that is continuous which is why it’s essential to not have time to be rushed.

He served as the assistant defensive backs coach for Tony Dungy before he took charge as the NFL coach. The coach had a tough childhood being the child of divorced mother. He had a difficult time trying to maintain a balance between coaching and fatherhood. After all, he had a 3-month-old son. Tony Dungy was his father that helped him gain the respect and affection from his team.

Mike Tomlin’s friendship with Bill Cowher

After 15 years as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin has become one the most prominent faces for the Steelers. Tomlin is credited with guiding the team’s eight-game record this season. This is remarkable considering they are predicted to be in the playoffs every year. Fans are delighted with this new coach’s accomplishments, and the expectations for them are high.

Bill Cowher, former Steelers coach, recently opened up about his meeting with Tomlin. Cowher was also a part of the NFL Centennial Hall of Fame, was recently inducted into this Hall of Fame. Bill Cowher reportedly left a can of Iron City beer inside Tomlin’s refrigerator at the time he first arrived to Pittsburgh. Tomlin seemed surprised at the act, but said it made him feel happy.

Steelers absence of a quarterback who can be their starting quarterback

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is the modern-day E.F. Hutton. If he talks, the NFL is listening. As he relaxed, Tomlin spoke about the culture of Steelers as well as Antonio Brown. It was a fascinating conversation that shed light on Steelers style of play and Tomlins’ strategy in bringing new players onto the team.

In spite of the additions to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team brings back veteran coaches such as Ben Roethlisberger. In the first game of Week 1, Mitch Trubisky and George Pickens will join the team. Calvin Austin III, Myles Jack as well as Calvin Austin III are also in the mix. Some new players will not fit in like the former guard. The team must get used to their new teammates and ensure that they can fit in both on and off the field.

Offense’s lack of execution

If you’re a football coach, then you are aware of how vital getting the new players used to the culture of the team. How can you make this happen without creating a culture conflict? How do you best for you to go about this? Tomlin offers three tips for you to take into consideration:

Begin by visiting the team striving to be the best in the division. As long as you’re not head coach, the nature of the team might be quite different from the perceptions of rookies. A lot of coaches who’ve been on the same team for many years find themselves awed by the changes that occur when they move to a different city.

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This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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