Loyalty in Relationship – How important is it

Loyalty is a term that describes the dedication and commitment one has to a cause, person, or group. To be loyal means to be faithful to all the promises made and to keep all commitments for the lifetime. Although the word loyalty is relatively simple, it is a virtue that is not easy for many people to maintain.

Loyalty does not change with circumstances. If I am committed to my partner and they have an accident that disfigures them, I will not leave for someone better looking. If I commit to a relationship and the person goes broke after some time, that does not mean I will leave.

Every relationship is built on trust and honesty. If a relationship begins with lies, it can never be sustained. The foundation will always be made of lies. How can truth ever grow from the seed of a lie? The first requirement or need for going into a long-term relationship is to be truthful in all respects. Trying to fool others into believing something that is not true will only lead to hurt and pain in the end.

If you have decided to commit to someone, it’s important to never break that promise under any circumstances. There can be no excuse for betraying someone’s trust. By doing so, we not only hurt the other person, but also ourselves by becoming an unreliable and untrustworthy person. This can lead to a loss of self-esteem and respect.

To love and be loved is a blessing, but breaking that trust through disloyalty is a sin against goodness and God. If you have been disloyal, you must immediately confess and ask for forgiveness. The relationship will never be the same, but with luck and effort it can be repaired.

If you think this is important, share it with your partner.

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